Reynolds wins The National Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence Award

By Jeda Lee, Staff Writer

In addition to winning The School of Excellence and moving from a C to an A school this school year. We also won The National Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence Award, which is the highest level of excellence. We were the only high school in the state to win this award and only 87 in the nation were nominated.

“Each year, there is an application with questions about how schools are adhering to the 5 pillars of magnet schools–Diversity, Innovative Curriculum and Professional Development, Academic Excellence, High Quality Instructional Systems, and Family and Community Partnerships,” RJR Arts Magnet Director Karen Morris said.

With only 87 schools in the nation and more than 2,000 schools in the state, Reynolds being selected for the award and winning the award says a lot about the calibre of our arts program.

The arts program at RJR has have some of the best programs in the state, and we are the only school in the district to offer classes such as Classical Guitar, Piano, Harp, Musical Theatre, Drawing, Painting, Digital Photography, EMedia, Creative Writing, Ceramics, Art History, 3D Design, Advanced Studio Art, AP Art Drawing, Printmaking, Ballet, Tap and Jazz.

“Each year, the program changes and adjusts based on the needs/interests of current students and opportunities that are presented to us,” Morris said. “Next year, we will have a class devoted to audio broadcasting taught by WFDD employees. Reynolds students will have more opportunities to create podcasts and to broadcast stories on public radio.”

It is no wonder students come to Reynolds for our arts program. The arts positively impacts the Reynolds community, it takes into account the talents of the students and makes learning fun. Kids from all over the district come to Reynolds for our arts program.

“I came to Reynolds to further my education in music,” senior Britton Andrews said. “I enjoy the arts here, I take chorus and band.”

Not only does Reynolds have some of the best art courses but we are also one of the most diverse schools in the district.

“Art helps with cultural competency and gives us a way to talk to each other and learn about our diverse cultures,” Morris said. “It allows us to work collaboratively and explore subjects in deep and meaningful ways.”

Art is a big part of Winston-Salem’s community as well as Reynolds’. It provides different cultural experiences as well as a showcase for the student’s talents. Reynolds has one of the best art programs in the district and the nation. Winning The National Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence Award shows just that.