Artist in the Spotlight: Kate Overman

By Elizabeth Gunter, Features Editor

Since the age of three, junior Kate Overman has always been on stage doing what she loves: dance. Kate is a member of the RJ Reynolds Dancing Boots and also dances at the Academy of Dance Arts. For the past three years, Overman has also been a valuable member of the team exhibiting many talents.

“I have been dancing since the age of three and it is what I love to do, I have been doing it for 13 years,”Overman said.

As a Dancing Boot, Overman’s favorite memory has always been the Pep Rallies and the special performances the Boots do.

“They are always so fun and I love being able to perform in front of the Reynolds student body,” Overman said.

Caitie Reece is the Dancing Boots coach and a dance teacher at Reynolds that has taught Kate for three years. Reece enjoys all the positivity and talent that Overman brings to the team.

“Kate’s sense of humor has positively affected the team,” coach Caitie Reece said. “Over the past three years she has gone from being rather quiet and reserved to now being very comfortable often letting her dry sense of humor shine through.”

Overman’s attitude is very enjoyable for the other members of the team as well, allowing Overman to be a person that everyone enjoys being around.

“Kate’s personality and love for dance gives me motivation to dance my best every single day,” junior Emma Sweeney said.

Overman’s hard work has paid off to make her a great technician and a very good dancer.

“Being a good technician is part of what makes her a good dancer, but she is becoming more sure of  herself as a performer. Being a good technician doesn’t make people want to watch you dance, it is how you perform and her showmanship is really coming along,” Reece said.

Because dance is about performing, this has given Overman an opportunity to become not only a better dancer but has built her as a person.

“Dance has affected me by making me who I am and more sure of who I am, I have grown to listen and pay attention to detail which has really helped me in life. I wouldn’t be who I am without the strengths and positive things that dance has given me,” Overman said.

Overman is always humble in her dance allowing her to be a great performer.

“Kate is special because even though she doesn’t always show it, if I really need her to try something new or make something better, she does what she has to do to make it happen,” Reece said.

Overman is proud of who she has become through dance and all that she has accomplished.

“I am so glad I went to a dance recital when I was younger because if it wasn’t for that I would never have chosen to pursue dance and be who I am today,” Overman said.