Athlete of the Month: Andrew Fansler

Andrew Fansler is known for his dedication and hard work as part of the Reynolds varsity swim team.

“He works hard, and he does what it takes to meet the goals that we set for him and that he sets for himself,” varsity swim team coach Caroline Jones said.

His competitiveness is also well recognized by his coaches and teammates, even though Fansler thinks he doesn’t show it.

“I don’t tend to show it on the outside, but I am very competitive on the inside,” Fansler said.infographic-jpg

Fansler has been swimming competitively since the sixth grade and has been part of the Reynolds Swim Team since his freshman year.

He enjoys the fun atmosphere at practices and the friendly people on the team because it makes the early practices more bearable. The swim team practices bright and early at 6 a.m. every weekday.

“In a swimming community, especially here at Reynolds, everybody just gets along so well,” Fansler said. “We are all really good friends.”

He is willing to swim in any event he is asked to compete in and does his best to help the team win points. Fansler’s best event, and his favorite, is the 500 meter freestyle.

“His best event is the 500 freestyle because of his great endurance,” Jones said.

Unlike many athletes, Fansler doesn’t get nervous before meets.

“I get really excited excited for events,” Fansler said.

Fansler is careful about what he eats and drinks the day before and the day of a swim meet. He always eats pasta and avoids eating heavy junk foods and drinking soda.

Despite his love for swimming, Fansler sometimes finds it hard to stay dedicated to the hours, the early mornings and the lack of sleep that is sacrificed to make it to practices on time.

“We have practice at six in the morning; my club teams have practice at 5:15 a.m.,” Fansler said.

Besides being on the Swim Team, Fansler plays the trombone in the marching band, is a part of Spanish Club and is a Crosby Scholar.

Fansler swims as a way to relieve his worries about school and other everyday stressors.

“It really helps to relieve my stress,” Fansler said. “It gave me something to get all my anger out on.”

Fansler greatly admires Olympian and Winston-Salem native Kathleen Baker because of her hard work and her great personality.

He doesn’t know yet where he wants to go to college, but he said he probably will major in either liberal arts or language. He doesn’t plan to continue his swimming career in college.

“I might swim for a club team in college, but I definitely don’t want to do any professional sports,” Fansler said.