WebMD: Senioritis

By Elizabeth Gunter, Features Editor

I looked in my planner today (which is a rare thing) and saw that I had multiple assignments due this week but knew they weren’t going to get done for two reasons: my bookbag stays in my car 24/7 and I am one of many students who suffer from senioritis.2017

Senioritis is a “disease” that affects many seniors. Senioritis consists of the decline in motivation to do school. Some symptoms include excessive wearing of Nike shorts, leggings, t-shirts, no makeup, laziness and even multiple absences and tardies. If you have or are developing one or more of these symptoms, you may have contracted senioritis.

There are four stages of senioritis. Stage one starts during freshman year. This is when you are in really boring classes that you are somewhat forced to take and can’t get out of them. You don’t have a car and you know your parents won’t come get you so you just have to suffer through the long, hour-and-a half classes.

Stage two starts during sophomore year. This is when you still have to sit through these boring classes, but some are lucky because they have received their license. Now you can be free and have the ability to leave whenever you would like.

Stage three starts during junior year, the year that you really start questioning if dropping out is truly worth it. You have started taking multiple AP classes, still have practices for sports, lots of after school activities and homework all while balancing good grades and a social life. Trust me, it’s difficult, but you can get through it because you aren’t done yet.

Finally, stage four, the year all of the stress from previous years of school hits you. It is senior year. You realize that you are simply worn out and don’t know if you can do it any longer. This leads into a full blown case of senioritis. You are experiencing so many emotions causing you to want to give up. You start leaving your bookbag in your car, going to bed earlier to try and forget all of your responsibilities, waking up late and being tardy or even absent and looking like a homeless person all the time.

If you haven’t experienced any of these symptoms yet, props to you but if you have, we only have three more quarters of school left and I am positive that we can all get through it together.

Photo from Ashford University.