Reynolds’ Road to NCTC

By Jeda Lee, Staff Writer

The R.J. Reynolds theatre program is one of the most well known groups on campus. With all of its plays and productions, schools from all over the county come and watch members of the program do what they do best; performnctc-infographic with their hearts. Reynolds  recently went to perform its shows at  NCTC (North Carolina Theatre Conference).

“NCTC is the statewide service, leadership and advocacy organization for theatre in North Carolina,” NCTC board member Stacey Boone said. “The mission of North Carolina Theatre Conference is to strengthen North Carolina’s vibrant theatre industry,  and engage tomorrow’s artists, audiences and advocates.”

Reynolds theatre program worked hours on end preparing for the largest theatre conference in the southeast region. Not only did the actors work hard,  but so did their tech crew with whom  they would not be successful without them.

“We just move a couple of things;  you have to make sure that it’s very precise and that you  get it on the mark,” tech crew member Savannah Beaman said. “It is so stressful because all of the actors are stressed and that rubs off on you. If the actors aren’t stressed then it’s not as bad.”

The NCTC staff also goes through a stressful time preparing and setting up for the conference.

“The staff of  NCTC completes most of the behind the scene preparations. The workload can be very intense and I value the dedication that the executive director and her staff demonstrates to organize the programs we offer,” Boone said.

 Not only is NCTC just a conference,  but it also helps theatre programs all over the state. They sponsor high school and middle school festivals,  as well as college discovery. These sponsored events offer professional development for its members.

“As a participant in the middle school play festival, the process can be life changing for my students. Not only do they strive for excellence, but they also learn to appreciate others work; which is just as valuable,” Boone said. “It is wonderful to be recognized for your hard work,  but even more wonderful for them to learn to admire and respect their  peers’ performances.”

This is an enjoyable time for the actors, as well as a learning experience. Other kids have the opportunity to  bond with each other and meet new people.

“NCTC has a huge impact on the theatre program because it’s a time to bring all the theatre groups around the county together to share their plays, experience and their talent,” junior and actor Nic Brown said. “It’s also a time to collaborate and make new friends from the county who share the same interest as you do.”  

Reynolds gave a tremendous performance at the convention. With unique aspects added to their shows that no one else had, they felt as if they could have placed higher.

“The other actors feel like it was a good performance, it’s just that the awards didn’t really go the way we had planned them to go,” Brown said. “Reynolds did an amazing job overall, we were the only group that did things different,  such as having a television on the stage, and a lot of singing.”

Photo from NCTC.