Best Thanksgiving Day Food

By Colin Ogburn, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving Day is well known as a day of eating. The people of America come together and feast on hearty and delicious foods. Everyone has their favorite foods when it comes to Thanksgiving and everyone has their own traditional foods they enjoy.

Turkey is always affiliated with Thanksgiving. Everyone enjoys a turkey around the holidays. Some even refer to Thanksgiving as “turkey day.” A relatively new spin on this tradition is the “turducken,” which consists of stuffing into a duck, and then stuffing that into a turkey.

“I enjoy cooking during Thanksgiving it always feels so special making the turkey for everyone to share,”said Jennifer Grosswald, a Reynolds parent.

Ham is also a meat that is frequently served for Thanksgiving. It’s a popular choice for those who don’t enjoy turkey.

Another favorite food is stuffing for the turkey. It is good for cooking in your turkey if you don’t feel like filling it with duck or chicken. You can also enjoy it on the side to compliment your whole meal.

“Stuffing is definitely one of my favorite Thanksgiving foods,” said senior Austin Smith.

Some people have different foods for Thanksgiving for their lifestyle. Vegetarians for example can not eat popular foods such as turkey.

Austin Smith, a vegetarian, explained what foods he has for Thanksgiving instead of traditional meats.

“I usually eat tofurkey instead of turkey, it’s a really common substitute.”

Some traditional foods are good for vegetarians. Green bean casserole is a commonly used food around the holiday that doesn’t include any meat.

More popular foods sometimes include mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. They complete a full plate and are part of this long tradition of feasting.

And finally one of the most favored dishes around this time is pie. Many people enjoy pumpkin pie,others prefer a pecan pie. No matter what type you enjoy, this treat is a great ending to the perfect meal.

You really cannot say which is best food for Thanksgiving. Everyone has their own opinions about which is the best and everyone has their own traditional food. However, almost everyone has something they look forward to on this day.

Photo from FamousDC