No Close Shave for Cancer

By John Paynter, Staff Writer

For many, Movember, or No Shave November, is a fun month simply for men to let go of the responsibility of shaving and not worry what people are thinking about them.  But for others Movember has a much deeper meaning.  In 2004, the Movember Foundation started a month long charity for raising awareness of men’s cancer research.  The idea is that someone would give the money, that they would normally use for a month of shaving to a cancer awareness or research foundation.


Even though it isn’t a lot of money for one person to donate, the money quickly adds up if a lot of people participate.

“I like No Shave November because it gives me an excuse to not shave and get away with it,” sophomore Daniel Havens said. “I never actually knew that it was a cancer awareness month, I just thought it was just a break from shaving.”

Many people, like Havens, don’t know the purpose of Movember or that there was a Movember Foundation that started the charity.  This means there are many who avoid donating even though they claim to be participating.

Some also claim that No Shave November is mocking those who have cancer and suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapeutic treatment, therefore they do not support the foundation even though its intentions are to spread awareness.

“It’s all about where the heart is, if you’re heart is in the right place then you’re doing a good thing,” History teacher John Clevenger said.  “I was never really able to grow a good beard but I do donate.”

Still, millions nationwide unleash their mane for Movember each year making the Movember Foundation one of the most successful charities today along with The American Cancer Foundation who founded Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.

Since 2004, men have been growing their facial hair in memory of those lost from cancer and in hope of a better, cancer free future.  And even though facial hair is not common among high schoolers, November is a month to set aside the money one might use on a razor and donate to those in need.  So don’t be afraid to let the peach fuzz show and go donate to a Cancer Awareness or Treatment Foundation today.

Photo from No-Shave