New Year, New Clubs.

By Elizabeth Youssef, Submissions Editor

Being in a club is a way for students to get more involved at Reynolds and meet new people. Several new clubs have been started by students this school year, including Chinese Club, Interfaith Club and Ultimate Frisbee Club.      

Students might be familiar with some Reynolds service clubs that have been around a long time such as Key Club, Girl’s Council (GC), Senior Girls Service Club (SGSC) and Reynolds Girls Club (RGC). In order to keep the tradition going it’s important to encourage students to join and create clubs so Reynolds can grow.

“We’re so lucky to have so many clubs at Reynolds, there really is something for everyone,” junior Katie Dalrymple said. “If you’re on the fence about joining one, go for it, because it’s a great way to meet people in other grades and people you don’t have classes with.”

Clubs are also a great way to learn more. The Interfaith Club focuses on several different religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

“I joined the Interfaith Club to learn more about religions,” sophomore Diego Dunn said.

Students also have the option of creating clubs. They create clubs when there is nothing that interests them.  

“I started the club with some people in my Chinese class because we saw the need for a club for the language we study,” junior Mackenzie Wray said.

Some clubs also encourage students to get outside and be active, such as the Outdoors Club. This year, another new club that encourages students to be outside is the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

“People should join because it’s super fun and it’ll help you be outside and be active,” senior Becca Gwyn said.

Not only are clubs something to put on your college application, they can also provide a break from school and homework. It can be a part of a hobby where you do something you like with a bunch of people who like it too.

“My favorite part about Ultimate Frisbee Club is just getting to be a part of a club where we’re all there because we genuinely enjoy the same thing,” Gwyn said.

The new clubs are planning several different activities.

“We are doing many different things this year such as recognizing the Chinese holidays like the New Year and other festivals the Chinese culture celebrates,” said Wray.

The Interfaith Club is planning on holding religious studies, attending religious services and possibly doing something with other Interfaith Clubs in the district. The Ultimate Frisbee Club meets on Sundays to play.

No matter what students are interested in, there is probably something for them.

“Clubs are an excellent way to get connected to other students, get involved in the community, and learn something new,” club advisor Rachel Phelps said.