Food Fanatics: Winston’s Best Holiday Cookies

By Tommy Hopkins, Staff Writer

To find out what the best holiday cookie in Winston-Salem was, I bought a box of cookies from Dewey’s, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods. Then, I proceeded to lunch and had 13 students try all three varieties and decide which was their favorite.

Lowes Foods Sugar Cookies:

    Out of the 13 people interviewed about the cookies, four chose Lowes Foods as their favorite. Lowes Foods sugar cookie fanatics loved the treat because of its crunch and a dull sweetness. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the cookies all that much. The one I tried was way too hard to be considered a sugar cookie. It’s common knowledge that the best sugar cookies will melt in your mouth but these were more like eating jawbreakers. It was like the bakers left that batch in the oven for too long. One thing I did like from Lowes cookies was the generous helping of sprinkles on each one.


Harris Teeter Sugar Cookies:

    Just like Lowes, four people chose Harris Teeter’s cookies as their favorite. Taste testers in favor of the Harris Teeter sugar cookie agreed that their cookies were the best because of the icing and sprinkles going along perfectly with the soft bread. One thing I have always loved about these cookies is the mix of the icing with the bread. There is the perfect ratio of icing to bread that complement each other wonderfully. The one downside to these is if you eat a couple it makes your mouth dry, so make sure to enjoy them with some milk.


Dewey’s Moravian Sugar Cookies:

    Last but not least, Dewey’s Moravian Cookies won out as the favorite with five of the 13 picking it as their favorite. The students picked Dewey’s as their favorite because of the cookie’s simple yet explosive nature. The moravian cookies were the superior cookie by far for a few reasons. First of all the cookies simply taste better than the rest.When it comes down to it the most important thing about a cookie is the taste. If a cookie does not make you crave another one, there is simply no way it can be a contender or the local best. The only downside to these that I could think of was that a box of Dewey’s cookies cost $10 while a box from Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods cookies only cost $5. Therefore, you could get 2 boxes from Harris Teeter or Lowes for the same price a single one box from Dewey’s.


Final Analysis:

    Going into this holiday cookie analysis I was sure that Dewey’s Moravian sugar cookies were going to be the clear favorite over Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods sugar cookies. Moravian cookies have been made for 250 years, dating all the way back to 1766 when the town of Salem was founded. The thing that put Dewey’s cookies over Harris Teeter cookies was the calories. One Harris Teeter cookie is 160 calories while nine Dewey’s cookies are only 90 calories. For a plethora of reasons, Dewey’s is clearly the best holiday cookie in Winston-Salem.   

Photos from Dewey’s Bakery and Pine Whispers/Tommy Hopkins