Burr Wins with a Bang

By Kylie Nifong, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, November 8, this country was changed forever. New president, new House, new Governors, new Senators.

For the past five out of six elections carrying the national democratic popular vote, it left the majority of the country in shock with the results of this past election. Although, Senator Richard Burr’s win, unlike most of the others, it doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise.

“I didn’t think it was as big of as shock as a Trump win, and especially since Winston-Salem has a pretty strong base,” A.P. US History, US History, and American History I teacher John Clevenger said in response to Burr’s win.

Many like Clevenger expected it to go no other way, due to the fact that Senator Burr has served five terms in the House and  two terms in the US Senate. His base seemed to form while he was in office, with his roots dug deep in his seat and his political stances.

Burr’s main opposition, Deborah Ross, came new to the scene. Although she served five full terms and one partial term in the North Carolina House of Representatives, and was a member of the North Carolina General Assembly, she never conducted a campaign for Senator before.

“I think she would’ve been seen maybe as an outsider,” Clevenger said, while adding on about her running in the campaign.

If Ross had won the election, she would have made some changes with the current statutes and stances in North Carolina, according to sources.

“I think she definitely would have changed the laws about HB2,” Interior Design, Foods, and Family and Consumer sciences teacher Robin Myers said.

Like Myers, Clevenger believes that Ross would have made substantial changes to the laws standing presently in North Carolina. With Ross’ differentiating viewpoints from Burr, it is certain that she would have fought for new policies.

“I think she would’ve tried to maybe get rid of the influence of certain moneyed interest that Richard Burr was criticized for being involved with,” Clevenger said, knowing the possible changes Ross would have made under her North Carolina rule.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people believe there will be little to no changes at all with the re-election of Burr.

“I don’t think it will think it’ll help or hurt this state,” junior Noah Peebles said, “I just think it’s kind of going to be stagnant.”

Nonetheless, her stances will not come into play anymore. With Burr taking the win and sitting on Health, Education, Labor, Pensions Committee and Finance Committee, and also serving as a Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Intelligence, he will continue with the pushing of his agenda for North Carolina and its civilians.

“I think he will continue to uphold the statutes that are in place already,” Myers said.

There seems to be many North Carolinians content with the outcomes of this election, but there’s a certain group displeased, still wishing that the results would have swung in the opposite direction. While there is an invisible yet prominent line between both parties, Republicans and Democrats, there seems to be one stance that all can seem to agree on, one that all can come together and unify in.

“This was one of the ugliest campaigns for Senate I’ve ever seen,” Clevenger said, “It was for both sides.”

Photo from Politico