Where is the Truth in Presidential Debates?

This election year nobody knows who is telling the truth. Whether it is Hillary Clinton calling
Donald Trump a racist or Donald Trump saying Clinton does not look presidential.

During the Presidential debates this year, the public has been told to fact check the candidates.

However, how many people have actually been fact checking? How much of what we hear is the

For instance, here are two quotes from each Presidential candidate, guess which quote is true and
which one is not.

These quotes have been said by Hillary Clinton:

“We are now, for the first time ever, energy independent.”

“Right now we are at 90 percent health insurance covered. That’s the highest we’ve ever been in
our country.”

These quotes have been said by Donald Trump:

“We have an increase in murder within our cities, the biggest in 45 years.”

“In her campaign for president, Hillary Clinton has received $100 million in contributions from
Wall Street and hedge funds.”

For Hillary Clinton, the first one is false and the second one is the truth(according to politifact).

For Donald Trump the first one is mostly true and the second one is false(according to politifact).

When asked how media has impacted this election, Anna Diemel, President of the Young
Democrats club said,“Media is huge in this election, especially with things like twitter that
weren’t that influential in years past. Since media is rarely unbiased, it leads to the spread of
misinformation unless you really know what you’re looking at. People usually look at
information they already agree with to strengthen their own views.”

Many people have criticized the debate moderators for not having control over the debate and
being too partial to one candidate.

“I think that Lester Holt was an excellent moderator,” World History teacher Rachel Phelps said.

“He did a great job of listening to both sides, asking difficult questions to both candidates, and
appearing impartial. I think Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz appeared partial to Hillary

The first debate was the most watched presidential debate ever. This probably had something to
do with the fact both candidates for president this election are two of the most controversial
candidates to run for president in our nation’s history.

“Many people watched the debate to see how the candidates would answer, which makes for
entertainment, because both of them can mudsling and things can get pretty nasty,” said Kylie
Nifong, President of the Young Republicans club.

The content of the debates has even been disappointing. Many voters would like to hear more
about the candidates’ plans for solving problems rather than just why Donald Trump or Hillary
Clinton should not be president.

“I would like to hear more about candidates’ platforms. I am constantly hearing about Hillary
Clinton’s emails, Donald Trump’s taxes, etc,” said Rachel Phelps. “Whether or not Clinton and
Trump have made mistakes in the past, one of them will be president. I would like to hear more
about what they will do when they are president.”

Comic by Efrain Rivas