Varsity Football’s OC quits mid-season

RJR football offensive coordinator Allen Gory has stepped down from his position. Coach Gory quit after a week five 34-20 loss to Glenn High School on September 16. The offense the team ran was the “wing-t” offense. College teams like Georgia Tech and The Naval Academy use this offense. The “wing-t” is a type of offense that is supposed to control the ball and the pace of the game.

Before Gory left, the team’s offense was struggling significantly despite a win over Walkertown who is a 1A school. The offense just was not doing it, putting up seven point games or barely being able to move the ball down the field.

“We were just really struggling on offense, we weren’t able to score! Something you have to do to win games,” sophomore football player Charlie Mensh said.

Since Gory left, the offense has improved.

“I think the offense has improved, we now are able to move the ball down the field and score with the new offense,” senior quarterback Jake Lang said.

On the field the last few games improvement has been shown.

“I think it helped the team switching offenses, if you look at our first three games versus our last you see a difference in the offensive production,” junior Trejan Cannon said.

Coach Eric Watt, the new offensive coordinator changed the offense from a wing-t formation to a pistol formation. The pistol formation has the quarterback in a shotgun formation but with the running back behind him instead of beside him.

“It helps spread the field out more, in the wing-t we were really bunched up together and it was hard to move around. In the pistol we can spread it out more and it gives me more time to be able to throw the ball in shotgun instead of under center,” Lang said.

The team still only has one win on the year but is giving the opposing teams something to play for. It took a week to get used to the offense though. Against Davie the new offense put up only seven points but after that the offense put up thirty-five and then fourteen versus worthy teams.

Going through a switch in a coaching staff mid-season can throw off a team’s chemistry, way of practice and has some mental factors to it.

“I think we went through the coaching switch well. I think most teams would get flustered switching offenses in the middle of the year but we put in hard work at practice to get it right. We are a hard working team and will continue to grow,” Rashon Bethea a junior running back and wide receiver said.

In the next two weeks expect to see the offense become even more of an impact on the field. Coming off the bye week the players think they are looking good with the new offense. The past is in the past.