Three New Games Enter the Next-Gen Gaming World

Three new games are entering the next generation of the gaming world, and are already exceeding expectations for players and critics.

FIFA 17, released on September 27, is a soccer video game in the FIFA series, which dates back to winter of 1993 with the initial release of FIFA’94. It included only one single player mode in which you can select from a limited amount of teams and options to play with. 23 years later, FIFA 17 includes 30 leagues and over 650 playable teams and multiple types of game modes like FIFA career mode and FIFA ultimate team. In career mode, you create your own soccer star by customizing their appearance and upgrading their skill by playing soccer games. Ultimate team allows you to create a soccer team by playing soccer gamesmand trading, buying and selling player contracts to other gamers playing the game. IGN, a website where you can find video game news, reviews and guides reported their opinion on the game.

“It’s not easy to find ways to surprise people in an annualized game, but [the journey] is a very pleasant one,” Chris Schilling, reviewer for IGN said.

Although FIFA had a great turnout, some things about the game are not liked by most players such as that new players might find the game confusing due to multiple types of game modes and options to choose from.

Another popular game that came out last month astonished basketball fans all over the country. fifa-inforaphicThe NBA 2K series, like FIFA, has been going on for a long time. NBA 2K games have been annually released since their initial release in 1999 and much like FIFA, the first game was very down to basics. The 2K franchise took a new look at the game and decided to release four different versions of the game, varying in price. The standard edition only includes the game, but one step up is the early tip off edition which allowed you to play the game before its release. One step up from that is the legend edition, which showcases recently retired Kobe Bryant. It includes a lot of DLC (downloadable content) including 30,000 VC (virtual cash), which lets you buy player contracts and increase player abilities, and many various items like jerseys and shoes that relate to Bryant. The last edition is the legend gold edition that includes 100,000 VC and other various items relating to Bryant. Much like FIFA, 2K17 includes various game modes like MYCareer with similar concepts to Career mode in FIFA and MYTeam, similar to Ultimate team. (Career mode players are ranked based on a number system. For example if a 2K player’s 3-point shot was a 58, their 3 point shot is bad, but if it is a 95, its really good)

“My 2K player has a 90 rebound and his name is Jimmy Floyd” sophomore Sammy Grey said.

One of the infamous parts of each annual game of 2K is the in-game soundtrack. This year the soundtrack includes 50 songs, featuring Drake, Lil Yachty and Future.

Another popular game releasing on October 21 has already let people with PlayStation 4s and Xbox ones, try the game free with their open beta, but the beta was only live for a week before being taken down by the game publishers. Battlefield 1 takes you back to combat in World War I. The game will include two main game modes, campaign and multiplayer. In campaign you are a soldier fighting for your life During WW1 in European territory. In multiplayer mode, you play against other players around the globe, fighting with weapons, planes, horses and tanks. The initial intent was to create an intriguing combat game as well as mimic history to the best of the developers’ ability. “I believe its historical content is very accurate because it took forever to make and they put a lot of thought and detail into the game,” a sophomore Alex Brooker said. Like 2k, the publishing company in charge of Battlefield has released three editions available for pre-order.

Fifa 17, 2k17 and Battlefield one bring players a new experience to the gaming world.

Photo from EA Sports