TEDx Winston-Salem

We all share the same amount of time. 24 hours in a day. Seven days in a week. 365 days in a year. The theme for TEDx Winston Salem is “It’s about time”, and they want to make time stop. Yes, you heard right. For this convention, they seek to have a special focus on exploring time through the lenses of  life, work, culture, art and innovation. By exploring this, can we go back in time or stop time? TEDx Winston Salem will find out. A three day conference about the power of women as difference makers in the community. Where female speakers of all origins are meeting on October 27 to host a variety of workshops, events and lectures.tedx-winston-salem-1

Short speeches devoted to the spread of ideas in our society and popular sources for free thinking on all topics. TEDx is a variant hosted by the communities after a central Ted talk on the similar issue. Winston-Salem was chosen for our area and only expresses how influential the women in our community are. The series of speeches and events will blend women and gender with time and how time affects and influences our lives.

Lauren Carroll, a junior at Reynolds, has family experience with TEDx talks. In 2012, her father was invited to give a talk at TEDx San Diego about his invention called “Powerfelt”. She offered insight into the great opportunities Ted talks bring to communities and elaborated on her experience and her father’s experience with Ted.

“Ted talks are extraordinary in that they give on all sorts of topics by all kinds of  people who are passionate about what they are doing,” Carroll said. “Ted is based on the spreading of ideas by short powerful talks given by some of the most charismatic and powerful speakers; I’ve never really heard a boring Ted talk.”

Ted talks have been given across this country for decades doing just that. The short powerful speeches highlight varieties of issues and seek to ultimately improve our lives. Ted is a nonprofit organization and does not do the talks for the money. So, what will this do for women in our community?

“I think it will be empowering for women in the area, especially since Winston has recently been establishing itself as a center for innovation and small businesses,” Carroll said.

Winston-Salem is becoming more influential in business, with 53 percent according to Salary Genius statistics. of all small business owners in Winston being women. That means women own the majority of that influence. Maybe this one of the deciding factors for why Winston was chosen for the event. What better place to talk of the power of women?

This event not only can be useful for business owners. All are encouraged to go and take part in the event. That means even Reynolds students can go take part in the event. Kaaviya Sambasivam, a senior at Reynolds will attend the event to listen to the powerful voices and views from the TEDx talk.

“I will look forward to hearing what influential women in our community will have to share and to learn something that I could potentially use to augment my own career as woman in the 21st century,” said Sambasivam.

Many will be attending the event for the renown power of Ted talks in educating and expanding our ideas. Women of all types will be attending and maybe even some more Reynolds students will join Sambasivam in learning about the time and the effect of Winston-Salem women.

“”If you have the opportunity, go. It’s a pretty unique experience,” Carroll said.

Photo from OneBus