Local and National Politics

This upcoming election has a lot of controversy surrounding the candidates. Whether deleted emails or discriminating remarks towards women, this election is sure to shock many Americans, either way. The current candidate for the Republican side is Donald Trump, and his running mate Mike Pence, and the candidate for the Democratic side is Hillary Clinton, with Tim Kaine.max-kaplan_172_4c40bdadbc4140311056ef8032f6c807b868f582

In the minds of many Americans, these are not the best candidates for the job of being the leader of the free world. One Forsyth county commissioner Gloria Whisenhunt, is not all too happy with the current options.

The current Presidential candidates both have baggage however I weight which candidate best reflects my concerns. My first concern is our security as a nation. Second, the debt in our country is overwhelming both now and generations to come. Lastly, Supreme Court appointments are critical for our nation,” Whisenhunt said about the current party leaders views.

One way that people make their decisions on the current candidates is by watching the presidential debates that always makes for an interesting watch. It could be flies landing on the face of Clinton, or constant interruptions from Trump.

“My opinion of the recent Presidential debates is that they do not make or break a candidate,” Whisenhunt said about the recent debates.

Another Forsyth county commissioner Don Martin, has views on the debates being more interesting to watch than they have been in the past. “These recent debates are becoming more and more comical than serious, the debates have gained attention for the wrong reasons and are not being taken as seriously as they should be,” Martin said.

By the end of November, the president will have been elected, and the history of America will change, for better or for worse. Though most people think the future of our country will not have positive effect from this election.

“I think that the current candidates have been scrutinized for their previous actions, but that should not change how they will run this country, therefore I am not concerned, but rather interested to see how our citizens will handle the change in the oval office,” Martin said

Not all the commissioners are excited for the outcome this election may have.

“I am extremely worried and concerned about our country’s future,” Whisenhunt said.

Since we can’t change the party presidential leaders, this coming November people will have to make the decision of who to vote for. Current polls show Clinton in the lead by a slim margin, and Trump making a close second.

“Come November 8th, I will cast my vote for Trump/Pence,” Whisenhunt said.

Photo from The Odyssey Online