Awkward Summer to Fall Transition

Fall is here. It began on September 22 and will last through December 20, though some argue that it hasn’t been feeling very autumnal. It what-are-thehas been a different transition this year due to the temperatures being abnormally high.

“It’s been kind of weird,” junior Zoe Ebbitt said when describing the recent weather habits.

Many people like Ebbitt have been feeling this way with the hot weather tendencies, and since the weather has been the way it is, it has left many confused with what to wear.

Some people tend to dress for the weather instead of the calendar, meaning they dress according to the outside temperatures. Many stop wearing summer clothing when it starts getting chilly outside as well.

“I tend to wear shorts later in the year,” junior Rachel Bauserman responded.

Jaeda Aldridge had a different outlook on the transition.

“I’d say when it starts to get cold,” Aldridge said.

Both girls are dressers for the weather and enjoy sweaters and sweatshirts, along with Ebbitt.

“I love getting sweaters,” Ebbitt said.

Bauserman added one of her favorite things about fall fashion.

“I love being able to pull out my leggings,” she said.

Once fall is completely here, fitting into its stereotypical setting, with autumn colored leaves and colder weather, it will be easier for people’s fashion to be consistent: long sleeved shirts with long pants and closed toed shoes or boots. But due to the cooler weather, occasionally people often jump the gun straight into winter fashion.

On the other side of the spectrum, some still stick with summer fashion despite the cold temperatures, like many boys who still wear khaki shorts. Despite the falling temperatures, you will still have some “rule breakers” as some may say, who don’t dress for the current season. Many people are therefore opinionated on the rule breakers, making them have things to say about it.

“They need to cover up,” said Bauserman.

She added that boys wearing all of the same colors, or mixed patterns like plaid with stripes are a big “no no.”

“Yes, get rid of those. Throw them away,” Aldridge exclaimed.

People and fashion have strict guidelines towards what to wear and when to wear it. Regardless of the season or norm, the bottom line is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. There used to be fashion do’s and don’t’s, but as time has progressed, there seem to be less don’t’s and more do’s: less about what fashion calls to wear, and more about what you want to wear.

Graphic by Efrain Rivas