Artist in the Spotlight: Wills Woodruff

Sophomore Wills Woodruff has made himself known as a major part of the RJ Reynolds Acafellas. Woodruff is now the co-director of Acafellas, along with junior Zeke Duncan. Woodruff started singing his freshman year as a tenor in X.

“A Cappella seemed like a cool and fun thing to do,” Woodruff said.

As the co-director of the Acafellas, Wills has to be on top of the things the group is doing and has to be a leader that everyone in the group can rely on. He has to be able to manage his time well and really care about A Cappella.

“I wanted to be the director of Acafellas because I was qualified for the job and I felt like I would do a good job as director,” Woodruff said.

Woodruff is not the only one who feels like he is qualified to be an effective leader of the group. Zeke Duncan has high praises for the singer as well.

“I think Wills is more the qualified to be a leader because he possesses all of the characteristics needed. He really knows his stuff,” Duncan said.

Duncan goes on to say how Wills is a key contributor to the group.

“Wills’ perseverance and attention to all details is what makes him an amazing singer,” Duncan said. “He pays attention to the smallest details and will do his best to perfect it. Because of this we try to iron out the small details and dynamics in out songs. It makes us better.”

Woodruff is also very talented on the piano. He started playing when he was five years old, and has grown as a piano player.

“My mom wanted me to start taking piano when I was younger. Piano grew on me and so I just stuck with it,” Woodruff said

Woodruff and the A Cappella groups will perform on November 16 for their fall concert.