2016-17 Reflections Contest

The Reflections Contest is a way for creative students to show off their individual talent. The nationwide competition is open to students from elementary school through high school. Students may submit their work in the forms of dance, film, literature, music, photography or visual arts.

“It featured a ton of mediums of art,” senior Hannah Harris said. “So artists of all different statues are able to display their talents in the same competition.”

Each year, the national PTA selects a theme which students should base their artwork on. This years Reflections theme is What is Your Story? Entries are judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity and technique.

The PTA requires submissions to be the individual work of only one student without the help of teachers, parents or any other person. Other people may be featured, for example, to act in a short film, but the script and directing must be the work of only one student.

Contestants must also submit an artist statement with their entry. This gives students an opportunity to justify how their artwork relates to the theme, describe what the theme means to them, give their inspiration for their work and explain what methods they used to create it.

Last year, Hannah Harris, then a junior, got first place in North Carolina for her photography entry titled “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.”

“Mr. Benenati really encouraged me to submit my work, which I never would have done without that encouragement,” Harris said.

As an arts magnet school, Reynolds is using this competition as an opportunity to show off the talent of our student body in all areas of the arts. This year, the RJR dance program has decided to make entry in the Reflections Contest a required assignment.

Jeremiah Kamtman, who graduated from Reynolds last year, also placed in the 2015-16 contest in North Carolina, taking second for his original musical composition, “Phrygian Waltz.”

Students may get awards if the judges deem their work worthy of an award of excellence or merit. Students might also have the privilege of being featured in an art gallery or even win a cash prize of $200.

Photo from North Carolina PTA