Athlete of the Month: Hla Ka Paw

Hla Ka Paw is a senior here at Reynolds and has been playing soccer since he was a freshman. He was a refugee from Burma and went to Wiley Middle School, where he also played soccer and had a large impact on that team.

“I have been playing soccer my whole life and it has been a big part of my it,” Hla Ka Paw said.

Hla Ka Paw has also had a great influence on the team at Reynolds. Coach Tony Sabio the new head coach here at Reynolds commented on this influence. “Hla Ka Paw’s ability to move the ball quickly and penetrate definitely sparks a change in play everytime he hits the field,” said Sabio, “You can see there is a difference in the other players as well because of how direct he is.”

Hla Ka Paw’s place in the team has been secured all three of his years at Reynolds. His fast footwork and quick change of direction makes him a threat to any opposing team’s defense.

“I enjoy playing with Hla Ka Paw; his speed with the ball is hard to match,” said junior Andrew Rawlings, a two-year teammate of Hla Ka Paw’s.

He has really been showing his importance to the team this year who are holding strong to a winning record of 14-6-1. This season Hla Ka Paw has scored two goals and had one assist. “Hla Ka Paw’s skill is very important, in my opinion, to this team because it comes in at a very crucial part of the game,” said Rawlings.

Not only is Hla Ka Paw’s skill an important part of the team, but his personality is also much needed. Hla Ka Paw’s willingness to succeed and to help the team as well as his light hearted humor has also made him a stand out player.

“Hla Ka Paw has this sort of humor that you don’t even know or suspect he has until you really get to know him and he says something that really shows this great sense of humor that I think is a really important element that he brings to the team,” commented Sabio.

Hla Ka Paw has enjoyed being a part of the Reynold’s team.

“This team has been so welcoming to me. I have really felt well playing with them and it has been a good way to get away from school,” said Hla Ka Paw. He has really made a time of playing here too and hopes to continue playing in college after he graduates from Reynolds. “I will always love to play soccer and hope to keep playing for the rest of my life,” said Hla Ka Paw.

Photo from Robert Hill Photography