Esports, Is It a Sport?

All your life you have waited for this one moment. You have had sleepless nights practicing then, BANG! You get 360 noscoped for the final kill of the game- your dreams are crushed.

Esports are competitions that involve video games like “Call of Duty”, sporting games, racing games and combat games. To the people who argue if Esports are actual sports, the definition of a sport according to is: “An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.”Peatross, Esports Infographic

Now, sitting around moving your fingers in different directions does not go under the category of athletic or physical prowess, it does require skill and lies under the competitive nature, but does not count as a sport.

When I think of sports I think of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse and hockey. What all of these sports have in common is that they are all contact sports that require physical and mental toughness. Esports just does not have the physical part which makes a sport a sport.

“Esports doesn’t count as a sport because all you have to do is just sit there and move your fingers back and forth, it requires no physical ability whatsoever,” sophomore Charles Wattleworth said.

“Not in any universe does Esports count as a sport, you don’t do anything,” senior Lucy Calhoun stated.

I do not really consider these Esport participants athletes. All they do is sit in a chair and move a select number of fingers, not even all of them! When I think of athletes I think of Lebron James, Tom Brady and Serena Williams, not Peter Dager (who is the number one Esport player in the world according to

Seriously anyone can compete in esports, all it takes is some awareness of the game being played. Real sports take mental and physical toughness and the ability to be a team player and have heart. Esports only require the mental toughness but yet every other sport does too.

“If Esports gets counted as a sport I don’t know what a sport is anymore. They might as well count chess as a sport then,” sophomore John Powers said

. So tell me, should esports be considered a sport even though it does not take any physical ability, no team play and no grit, heart or hustle?  

Eports does not count as an actual sport. Just because you play FIFA16 with the U.S national team does not mean you are on the U.S national team.

Photo from Sporting News/Google Images