Linden Fisher showcases talent on and off field

Sophomore Linden Fisher, left forward for the varsity women’s soccer team, has shown her merit by being a starting varsity sophomore player and especially through her will to win.

“Linden plays soccer with a lot of heart. She is always running and fighting for possession of the ball,” senior Lizzie Irvin said. “My favorite part of playing with her is the effort she puts in. I know if I play her a ball she will try her best to win it or score.”

Many can attest to the fact that Fisher gives it her all while on the field, including head coach Thomas Moore.

“She does a lot of things by example, she’ll make really big plays and she’ll run the entire field until you take her out,” Moore said.

Fisher is a large part of the team’s respectable conference record, scoring most games and setting up passes as well.

“I started playing in sixth grade and immediately fell in love with the momentum and intensity of the game,” Fisher said.

She played for the Twins ’98 team for several years and also the varsity Calvary team for two years prior to coming to Reynolds. Fisher is also a member of the service club SGSC, Crosby Scholars, and is a member of the track team.

Teammates and coaches agree that Fisher often makes practices and games more fun.

“I like Linden’s sense of humor on and off the field. She always knows how to make us laugh and lighten the mood,” Irvin said.

This season’s soccer team is one that is incredibly close, often focusing around Linden’s fun personality and attitude.

“I love my teammates and the coaches. It feels like a family,” Fisher said. “Everyone is always willing to offer help if anyone needs it.”

Moore added “It’s great seeing the players grow and come together and develop a real camaraderie.”

Fisher has become a better soccer player through her work ethic and how she constantly wants to improve.

“She’s shown a lot of drive and commitment throughout the season to get better. She has the ability and talent to get better,” Moore said. “She shows up in big moments and she scores a lot of big goals in important parts of games.”

Fisher is always there to rush to the ball and take it in for a shot, using her skills to get by defenders and get results.

“One of my absolute favorite moments this season is when we beat Reagan in overtime off of Linden’s winning goal,” Irvin said. Fisher’s goal against Reagan helped defeat the conference rival with a score of 3-2.

“Linden’s a funny girl,” Moore said. “When she gets tuned into a game she is unbelievably hard to stop and it’s really fun to watch.”