The Best and the Worst of the Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Kentucky Fried Chicken Nightmare – 2/10

This commercial was creepy and filled with chaos. There were so many different things going on that made everything hard to follow. The music made no sense with the theme of the commercial, it was out of place. Colonel Sanders was a bit terrifying as well.

Puppymonkeybaby – 3/10

This commercial was many thing: stupid, awful, terrible and creepy. Mountain Dew gets points for thinking outside the box, but overall it wasn’t great.

Hold Your Breath – 4/10

This commercial had a really eerie and depressing mood. It was a bit overdramatic and was not suitable for the Super Bowl, which is light-hearted and fun. The commercial mostly appeals to stressed out parents. However, the Super Bowl should be a time where parents are the least stressed out – at the most a bit stressed out over the Panthers – but Suntrust reminded them of all their responsibilities. Thanks Suntrust. They did have nice nature scene though.

Restricted Bling with Drake – 5/10

It’s neat that they used Hotline Bling but it’s very similar to last year’s Kim Kardashian endorsement with T-Mobile. The commercial would have been better if they actually added the lyric change that was discussed in the commercial.

Audi R8 Big Game – 6/10

This commercial lacked interest and had no real shock factor. The relationship between a rocketship and a car is hard to relate to. Also, who would drive at 205 mph?

Man from the Future with Liam Neeson – 7/10

There is not much to say about this one. The graphics are very pleasing to the eye and the commercial really makes you want that TV.

The Longest Chase – 8/10

This commercial obviously supports civil disobedience. It is a little long, but it’s entertaining. Using Jump On it was a major plus and the fact that it is different from the typical car commercial is good as well.

Ryanville – 8/10

This commercial really opened up your imagination to a town full of Ryan Reynolds, and Ryanville seems wonderful. It really appealed to the female (and male) viewers.

#AvosInSpace – 10/10

The future theme of the commercial was hilarious and is great because it can be portrayed in many different ways, the options are endless. Everything in this was animated and really made you want to watch, and then rewatch, the commercial. This commercial had references to 2015 trends and that was funny to look back on.

  • HEINZ Ketchup Game Day – 10/10

This commercial broke the cuteness factor. It was adorable, original and and hilarious. It can be watch one hundred times and not get old.

The whole crop of commercials was not as good as past years, but there were a few that were really impressive. However, our absolute favorite was HEINZ’s wiener stampede. What was your favorite Super Bowl 50 commercial?


— Other contributors: Natalie Bradford, Juan Alvarado