Meet The New Swim Team Coaches


The alarm blares into your ears as you lay in bed half asleep. Turning over to turn off the alarm, you notice the time; it is 5:00 a.m. You want to just lie in bed for another two hours, but, you begrudgingly get up because you know that there is a team of swimmers awaiting your arrival at the pool.

What? Not your morning routine? Then it must be RJR’s new swim coaches Caroline Jones and Tyler Shepherd. Every morning they wake up at 5:00 a.m. to coach Reynolds swimming. Even at this early hour, they love coaching.

“It is something that I am really passionate about and I love encouraging swimmers to be the best that they can be,” Jones said.

Both Jones and Shepherd swam when they were younger, so they know a lot about the sport. This knowledge of swimming helps them to be better coaches. They know what events to put people in and how to help swimmers perfect their strokes.

Sophomore Drew Fansler is one of the members of the swim team and a fan of Jones and Shepherd.

“I love the new coaches,” Fansler said.  “I think they bring a combination of organization and comradery to the team that is really necessary for growth.”

The new coaches have a lot of plans for the swim team.

“Swimming has a lot to do with personal goals and my main objective as a coach is to try my best to get swimmers to reach those goals,” Jones said. “Whether it be reaching a certain time or pushing themselves to finish a longer race, I hope to provide them with the necessary practice, encouragement, and critiques to get them there.”

One of the team’s goals is for the boys swim team to win conference. As of January 19, they are undefeated.

“I know that they can achieve their goals and go further that what they expected for themselves,” Shepherd said.

Apart from coaching, Jones and Shepherd both have full time jobs. Jones is a math teacher at Reynolds who also tutors and is the teacher in charge of the Girls Fitness Club. Shepherd works as a pastor and personal trainer.

Jones and Shepherd are a great addition to Reynolds athletics, especially to the Reynolds swim team. They care a lot about the team and work hard to encourage the swimmers, in and out of the pool.

“I have a passion for swimming. I have a passion for coaching and trying to impact students in their daily lives, being an encouragement to them and pushing them to their limits,” Shepherd said