Ziggy’s set to close after 36 years

The downtown Winston night club and concert venue, Ziggy’s, has announced its closing for this upcoming February 28, 2016. Owners Charles Womack, Bradford McCauley and Jay Stephens on several occasions did not pay rent on time.

Womack reported to The Winston-Salem Journal that “the building’s owners, Hank Perkins and Drew Gerstmyer, decided not to renew the lease. The lease runs through the end of February.”

According to Yes!Weekly, “both Stephens and McCauley were booking shows, sometimes on the same night without each other’s knowledge.”

The confusion and tension between the owners has gotten to the point where they are done with each other. Womack owns 51% and the other two owners split the remaining.

Ziggy’s has booked acts like Dave Matthews, Phish, and many other famous performers that Womack enjoyed. Ziggy’s is a 1,000 capacity venue and are proud supporters of their motto, “Roots, Rock, Reggae.”

Sophomore Alison Eppley has attended many concerts at Ziggy’s and will miss it.

“Ziggy’s was always a cheap and easy way to see concerts and have fun,” Eppley said. “I could either look forward to a concert for months or buy tickets the day of.”

Many students can agree that Ziggy’s was always a great entertainment place for high schoolers.

“The atmosphere is really cool and not like much else downtown Winston can offer,” sophomore John Kearney said.

McKinley Pollock, bassist of local band Below the Line, performed with his band several times at Ziggy’s.

“Ziggy’s is and will always be a place where people go to enjoy music. As a musician and a music lover, I loved that they were always purely about the music first, the flashy, showy stuff later,” Pollock said. “It was great because you could look into the crowd and see everyone you knew all laughing and having a good time together in one place.”

Ziggy’s welcomes people of all ages, with few single show exceptions, they allow families to all come in and enjoy the venue.

It was closed before in 2007 after being on Deacon Boulevard for 27 years. The venue reopened in 2011 on Trade Street.

“I really hope something similar can open up in Winston, Ziggy’s was always the only thing like it here,” Eppley said.

Downtown Winston won’t be quite the same without Ziggy’s.

“Ziggy’s was Below the Line’s first really big show so seeing it close really hits home and makes us feel really nostalgic.”  Pollock said. “Ziggy’s closing definitely makes me and the rest of the band sad. It wasn’t just another bar or just another gig, when we told people we were playing at Ziggy’s, it meant something special to them.”