Spreading the holiday spirit Snoop Dogg style

When we hear the name Snoop Dogg, we generally picture a goofy, slim rapper, who’s known primarily for his music, but lately the hip-hop legend has been spreading his holiday spirit through charity and true generosity.

For the past two years, Calvin Broadus formally known by his two alter egos “Snoop Dogg” and “Snoop Lion,” has organized a turkey giveaway for Inglewood, California. This year he gave out more than 1500 turkeys to families.

“Sorry I’m late, but we are going to make up for it by giving away some big fat turkeys so you can get your eat on this thanksgiving” Broadus said.

In addition to the turkeys he also donated canned vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and cranberry sauce to many Inglewood families in need. Snoop was also seen giving out hugs and taking pictures with any fans who asked.

“I think it’s a positive thing for him to be doing. Some may argue that he’s doing it for the sake of his own image but I think it’s a genuine statement that he’s someone who is very wealthy helping the less fortunate,” senior Dusty Uhrig said.

Other students agree.

“I feel that it’s good that he’s helping others because most rappers don’t do this kind of stuff,” junior Tahtyana Sykes said.

Sophomore Josh Lenchik agrees.

“It’s real good,” he said. “He’s looking out for the poor.”

“I think anytime someone wants to do something positive it’s good. To use your fame to help others is always a good thing,” said school secretary Mrs. Marion.

Despite the stereotypes, a number of rappers including Drake and Lil’ Wayne are known for being charitable.  Sean Anderson, known by his stage name “Big Sean” is the founder of the Sean Anderson Foundation, a charity dedicated to bettering education and lifestyle in his hometown of Detroit. Anderson also visits classrooms to encourage kids to reach their goals.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. or “Common” is part of a movement to spread awareness and prevent HIV and AIDs called “Knowing is Beautiful”.

Lynn also founded the Common Ground Foundation which was created to expose youth to creative arts and help build character in an attempt to reduce violence.

Aliaune Thiam or “Akon” is on a mission to help improve the 600 million impoverished lives in Africa and America. Lil’ Wayne played a huge role in restoring New Orleans after Katrina by holding relief concerts and donating food to families in need.

In addition to the turkey giveaway, Broadus started a nonprofit youth football league to help get kids off the streets and onto the field through football and cheerleading. He helped coach this league himself.

Whether it’s through donating food, money, or starting your own nonprofit organization, be sure to help spread the holiday spirit Snoop Dogg style this Christmas.