Grades: Now by the Numbers

You may have realized this year that you have been receiving progress reports with grades displayed in numerical percentages rather than by letters. Feelings about this new presentation vary from student to student. Some students at believe that it is not a problem at all, while others think that it is a nuisance and it would be much more convenient if teachers would just give us progress reports with letter grades. There are also those who that could not care less how their grades are displayed as long as it is clear what grade they earned.

Students like senior Miles Neal think it would be less of a hassle if the school system would just show letter grades. “It just makes more sense to have letter grades, to be honest,” Neal said. A few people would rather have a clear-cut representation of their grade without having to take the time to figure it out, which is probably the least popular stance on this matter.

“Sometimes I make a mistake determining my grade because of the change in the point scale, so having my progress report show the letter grade would save extra thinking,” Neal said. Students such as sophomore Millennium Sheriff feel like it should stay as it is.

“It’s really not that big of a deal, (students) need to get used to it. They can just calculate it in their heads. It’s not hard,” Sheriff said. Sheriff raised a point that many students do when asked how they feel about this matter. Why is this even a discussion, if it isn’t a challenge to figure out grades?

“People just need to stop being lazy, it’s not that difficult. “ Sheriff added. There is also a demographic of students that frankly don’t care. These students feel like the school could show them their grades in any form they have no particular preference. This small group includes senior Alex Choyce.

“I don’t really care. I can’t really make myself care either,” Choyce said. “It doesn’t matter to me and a lot of other people I know.” In conclusion, opinions range everywhere from, it needs to be changed now, to who cares. The most popular thought from those that think about this issue is that it doesn’t make a difference and change isn’t needed.


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