Hoots get a kick out of soccer

The RJ Reynolds soccer team is back on the scene with dedicated and hardworking players. Senior JJ Hoots, a varsity center back on the men’s soccer team, is ready to leave his mark.

As a member of lacrosse, football, and soccer at Reynolds, Hoots is a force to be reckoned with. Though he may be an outstanding athlete, he also works hard with his academics, and is a loyal friend to many.

“Every time I see him he is always happy and looks excited. He is always very friendly, always says hey,” senior Michael Dean, a varsity lacrosse player said, “He’s just very energetic all the time.”

This opinion of Hoots’ echoes amongst other teammates.

“He brings a lot of energy. He’s always hyped up. He gives his all, every single play,” senior Patrick Boppel, a varsity lacrosse player said, “He delivers big time. He delivers in the clutch, especially on defense.”

Hoots’ love of soccer started early and, as a dedicated player, is still with him today,

“I’ve always been a soccer player. I had played since I was around 8, so I had full intentions of playing soccer in high school,” Hoots said.

Schoolwork on its own can be extremely stressful and taxing; the work long and exhausting. This, coupled with the tremendous effort that a school sport requires an athlete to put forth can often be daunting, but Hoots holds his cool in the face of stress.

“He’s got a lot of spirit, so he’s always pumped up for games and getting the team pumped up for games. He himself is a good player; he plays a lot and is a good defender,” varsity soccer coach Adam Gal said, “I think he puts a lot on himself but he handles his own pressure well.”

Hoots’ ability to act as a leader is an important part of his productivity on the field.

“He is a strong player who works hard and sets a good example for other members of the team,” senior Nick Dishner, a varsity soccer player said, “He is a natural leader who brings a powerful presence to the field.”

“He’s figured out how to get other people to go along with him and how to work with other people,” Gal said, “He has grown into that role.”

With everything that is on the table, a student must work hard to keep up with everything, and Hoots has held his own very well.

“I would attribute most of my success to my work ethic. Whether it’s a practice or a game, I am always giving it my full effort, and I feel that is why I am able to compete at a high level,” Hoots said.

When senior year rolls around, it can be tempting to succumb to senioritis. However, some students feel the urge to increase their productivity to leave an impression on a school, and Hoots has made sure to leave his.

“I figured in my senior year I need to try to make it as meaningful and memorable as possible,” Hoots said. “What better way to do it than to play two sports in the same season?”

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