Carpooling saves the earth and your sanity

It’s a cold, rainy Monday morning.  You just spilled coffee all over yourself, and you have three tests to take in the upcoming day. The absolute last thing you want to do is go to school.  What’s the only thing that can make this dreadful morning bearable?  The answer is friends.

Early mornings or long afternoons become exponentially better by jamming with your best friends as you all ride to Career Center
together. You can sing at the top of your lungs together and then laugh at how awful you sound. You can catch up on what the latest events that you somehow missed in less than 24 hours. When 99.99% of your time is spent stressing about school, those precious minutes that you need to take to get to school no matter what might as well be spent with the few people who know how to make you smile.

Nothing’s a better stress reliever than laughing with your friends and forgetting about all the homework you have to do when you get home.

Riding with the same group of people every day throughout the whole school year brings you and your friends even closer. It creates a comfortable environment that you get used to and you can look forward to. The only potential problem is that you might experience separation anxiety when summer comes and you don’t see those same friends every day anymore.

Depending on everyone’s schedules, some carpools have extra travel time where they can do homework, study, get food or just relax. Students with downtime during their travel period often spend that time with the people in their carpool. You can do homework together or just goof around.

Not only does it make the ride to school more fun,  but it helps save the environment as well. Carpooling conserves gas, which can make a big difference on the Earth and in your wallet, too. The drive from Reynolds to Career Center takes approximately 15 minutes, taking traffic into account. Making this trip two times a day, every day during the school year, means using a lot of gas. Using lots of gas entails lots of car exhaust, a form of pollution. Taking one car instead of three, four or even five can make a huge impact on slowing down the pollution of the earth.

Something as easy as riding with someone else to school is a small act that can go a long way.