Oktoberfest transitions to Reynoldsance

Since 1985, Reynolds has held a yearly celebration in the fall to generate school spirit and motivate students to participate in the many clubs that the school has had to offer. This is known as “Oktoberfest”.

In past years, it hasn’t happened due to weather, or it has been re-scheduled and renamed to “Spring Fling”. Last year Oktoberfest was cancelled unexpectedly, causing many students to be upset. This year, the tradition is coming back to Reynolds, but this time known as the “Reynoldsance Fair”.

“It combines the goals of Oktoberfest, which are to increase awareness of what’s available, and for the clubs to be able to raise money for their events during the year,” Arts Magnet director Karen Morris said. “It continues with those goals and it adds the campus wide arts event to that.”

The Reynoldsance Fair will be held at the end of the school day on November 24th, the last day before Thanksgiving break.
Senior Rebecca Nieves, who is involved in RASCALS, art society, photo club and fencing club thinks this will make up for last year’s Oktoberfest cancellation.

“I don’t miss Oktoberfest because we’ve only gone one year without it (in the) time that we (seniors) have been here.” she said.
Reynolds has a wide selection of clubs available and it is said that there is something for everyone. The Reynoldsance Fair will be a great chance for students to learn about any clubs they are interested in, especially for newer students and underclassmen. Just because the name of Oktoberfest is changing, it doesn’t mean that the usual traditions are as well.

“The extracurricular clubs can continue to do what they do,” Morris said. “The dancing boots have that (activity) where you throw the pie in the boots face… That doesn’t need to change.”

A school wide event is always a great way of bringing the students together, since everyone has different classes and lunches. The annual pep rally is the only other school-wide gathering Reynolds has, which will not happen until the week of homecoming.

“Hopefully it increases school spirit and it allows us to have an experience that everyone in the building gets to be a part of,” Morris said. “These celebrations are really important for having common experience and pride in your school.”

Since Reynolds is an Arts Magnet school, the arts will be infused with the fair. It will incorporate this year’s theme of “innovation”. Students may learn things about the Renaissance in their classrooms if it ties in to the class and curriculum. The Reynoldsance Fair itself is expected to feature speakers and performers, in addition to arts and clubs activities.

“I’m glad that we will have a fall event this year,” senior Maria Aparicio said. “These types of days are fun, and that’s how I’d like to remember our school.”