RJR College/Career day October 14th

On October 14th, RJR will have a full day of innovative programming. The programming will be grade-specific and will involve all students and teachers. This is an early release day; Programs will run from 8:55-1:40.

Freshman will remain in homeroom throughout the day. They will have morning workshops related to setting goals and college readiness.

Sophomores will take the ACT Plan test.

Juniors will either take the College Board’s PSAT or participate in career readiness activities.

One thought on “RJR College/Career day October 14th

  1. Caleb, thanks for posting this! We also have Crosby Scholars coming to work with Seniors. Motivational speakers at 12:30 and at 1:00 SGA will introduce themselves to the student body and two step teams from WSSU are coming to perform.

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