McWhopper – settling the beef with beef

It’s one of the longest lasting rivalries in the world. The beef between two restaurants has had a lasting impact on the tummies of millions of people… As both restaurants grew, the burgers were put to the test. McDonald’s and the Big Mac vs. Burger King and the Whopper.

McDonald’s introduced the Big Mac in 1968. It was created by Jim Delligatti and debuted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Big Mac was originally sold for 45 cents. Consisting of two 1.6 ounce 100% (debatable) beef patties and the well-known and loved “special sauce”. The sauce was popularized by various advertisements, and soon enough, the Big Mac had a place in the heart of consumers.

The Whopper was first introduced in 1957 by Burger King’s Co-founder, James McLamore. The Whopper was originally sold for a whopping 37 cents. Hungry customers would receive a 4.2 ounce 100% (also debatable) beef patty. The Whopper was significant as it featured choices such as American cheese, bacon, mustard, guacamole, and jalapeño peppers. There is also a veggie variant for the famed burger, the Veggie Whopper.

Over the coming years, the two restaurants have been broiling it out. Though the “burger wars” continue, Burger King decided to put their pride aside and come together for Peace Day; September 21. Peace Day is an annual day of global unity. Burger King has proposed to collaborate with their fast food enemy, and create something special for Peace Day: The McWhopper.

The McWhopper is composed of both the Big Mac and Whopper. If McDonald’s agrees, the McWhopper will only be sold in one location, Atlanta, Georgia. The McWhopper will also be sold only on Peace Day.

“I thought it was a creative marketing attempt to also attempt to make a slight difference in the world.  I’m not convinced that Burger King’s intentions are truly altruistic because at the end of the day, they are still trying to make money,” APUSH teacher John Clevenger said.  

As skepticism grows, many people are wondering if this is just a stunt for publicity.

“I think it is a great marketing ploy.  The restaurants look like they are trying to make a difference and the consumer feels like they are supporting a good cause.  It’s a win, win for them.  I’m not sure what difference it would really make for world peace though. As they say in Hollywood: ‘There’s no such thing as bad press,’” Clevenger added.

“Both restaurants may receive new customers and returning ones. The McWhopper will increase sales for both restaurants,” said Junior Trey Jenks.

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  1. The McWopper sounds more Burger King than McDonalds. I can’t imagine how that will turn out…..🍔 Interesting article!

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