Long holiday break has been a treat for RJR students, staff

By Becca Royer, Features Editor

Students of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools system were given one last present this holiday season: an unusually long winter break. This school year’s winter break went from Dec. 21 to Jan. 5: a whopping 16 days of no school.

There has been speculation that the schedule worked out this way because Christmas Day fell on a Wednesday, smack in the middle of the week, and it is an unspoken rule that school should not be in session for a few days preceding and following Christmas. Whatever the reason, Reynolds students were very excited for the generous break.

“(The break) is exciting because I think it’s the longest one we have ever gotten,” junior Lauryn Miller said. “It’s like a Christmas miracle!”

Many view the school board’s scheduling decision as the only reasonable, logical thing to do: “They took away our fall break, so we get a longer winter break…and I like it that way,” junior Austin Sykes said.

However, not all schools were as fortunate to have a longer break. Students in neighboring districts such as Davidson County, Davie County, Stokes County and Surry County sent their students back to school on Jan. 2.

Private schools, such as Forsyth Country Day School, also returned from their winter break four days earlier than WS/FCS public schools.

“While I do not love starting back on the second, the flip side is that we ease back into school with a two-day week rather than a full five days,” FCDS nurse Nancy Hart said. “It’s always tough returning to school after the holidays knowing we have a long stretch of winter ahead before the sounds and smells of spring bring the hope of the warm days to come.”

A lot of students took advantage of the holiday break by traveling, whether it be to Grandma’s house or to another country. Others spent the time at home relaxing and watching Netflix, curled up by a toasty fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate nearby.

Either way, the long break was appreciated by WS/FCS students – and teachers – everywhere. With school back in session, everyone is showing off new apparel, gadgets and other presents from Santa Claus and also focusing on finishing out the second quarter strong.

Best of all, RJR students get one week of regular classes and one week of the exam schedule before another nice break: the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and a teacher workday Jan. 20-21.

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